The Best Spark AR Templates

Use one of these filter templates to move quickly and launch your Instagram filter fast.

You can find the best filter templates on Gumroad, Fiverr and Sellfy.

8 Ball Randomizer template

8 Ball Randomizer Spark AR template

This template is a subtle nod to the famous Which X Instagram filters you probably came across multiple times. The mechanism is the same, in fact, we use this template for all client projects that require a randomizer effect. Simply put your random choices as images in this project, and you're basically ready to go.

Download the 8 Ball Randomizer template here here

Best LUT filter template

Lut filter Spark AR template

The reason we put this template here in favor of all the others is because of the great support and documentation you get with this template. If you just start out with LUTs it can be a little bit daunting. Christian, the creator of this template really manages to explain such a difficult subject in easy language.

Download the LUT template here here

Blink game template

Blink game Spark AR template

The creator of this template, Newcolor, is one of the best technical filter template creators.

We use this template internally all the time to create fun templates for clients. You can link this filter to a competition or giveaway. Simply let people send you a screenshot with their score, and the highest score can win something. It works like a charm!

Download the Blinking Game template here

Old Film template

This great template by Vibeke Bertelsen will let you make a great old film filter in no time. It has nice details, like the scratches and the grudges. This template has 5 different looks you can choose from. This is a great starter template for influencers that want to launch their own filter.

Download the Old Film template here

3D Eye Lashes Template

3D lashes Spark AR template

A beautiful beautify filter by Okhartov. This template is a great starter project for beauty bloggers and influencers, and make-up artists. The 3D model for the lashes is included so you can play around with it as well

Find the 3D lashes template here

Fit frame to screen

Fit frame to screen Spark AR Template

Another template by Udart that will kickstart your new filter. This custom patch for Spark AR Studio makes it possible to place a plane in front of your 3d scene and have it always scale to fit the screen size.

You can get this one on Gumroad here

Native UI slider + LUT

Native UI Slider Spark AR Template

At one point as a Spark AR developer you want to work with the Native UI Slider. But although the Instagram docs are pretty good, getting started can be cumbersome. With this great template by arcreator you can create a great Native UI filter in no time.

You can get this one on Gumroad here