All 2,023 Instagram filter creators

Together they made 24,315 Instagram AR effects.

(That's 12.02 filters per creator!)
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One of Arno's most popular Instagram filters is "Which Disney?". His filter has been mentioned in numerous online magazines. On top of that it has been used by a lot of celebrities on Instagram, and Jimmy Fallon even used it on his late night show.

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Yours truly. Creator of, and the Filterlist app for iOS (and soon Android as well). I have some niche filters for Belgian TV shows and 2 filters for The National.

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Belgian influencer. Her Alpaca filters are frequently used by fellow Belgian influencers as well. 🇧🇪

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Filter creator from the UK. He was one of the pioneers of AR on Instagram. He got to use Spark AR Studio while it was still in development, to create a filter for U2. Bono & co used Marc's McPhisto effect during their live shows during their latest tour. Instagram filters profile picture

Meet Isabelle aka She is a Spark AR filter creator from The Netherlands and the Creator of the Month for May 2020. Her filters range from beautiful flowery ones to Greek mythological filters that make you look like Medusa. Her Narcissist filter is well-thought out and pretty clever! At the point of writing she has 18 filters available on Instagram, and she is an active filter creator so keep your eyes open for new ones. Oh, and you can always use her Labyrinth filter if you need an extra pair of eyes. Congrats Isabelle!

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If you opened Instagram in the last month, chances are that you came across one of Yulya's filters. Her photo retouching filters are used by celebrities and influencers all over the world. Her retroCAM filter with the subtle dust and scratches will give your stories that gloomy feeling you're looking for. A lot of filter creators have tried to copycat her filters, often giving their filters the exact same name. But there can only be one Queen of Instagram Filters.